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Natural Australian Terrier T-Shirt

Australian Terrier T-Shirt

$ 24.95

These cool Australian Terrier t-shirts feature a little history and interesting facts about this wonderful breed.

Below is the write-up that is printed on the shirt

Australian Terrier

Country of origin – Australia
Date of origin – 1800s
Weight range – 12 – 14 lb
Height range – 10 – 11 in
This enthusiastic and sociable dog was developed through the cross breeding of several British terriers including the Skye, Cairn and Yorkshire. The result was the perfect homestead dog. They would kill rats, snakes and other vermin and guard the farm from intruders. In current times these intelligent dogs are kept primarily as companions for their delightfully frisky and loyal nature.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts & Sweatshirts are also available.

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