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Natural Pharaoh Hound T-Shirt

Pharaoh Hound T-Shirt

$ 24.95

These cool Pharaoh Hound t-shirts feature a little history and interesting facts about this wonderful breed.

Below is the write-up that is printed on the shirt

Pharaoh Hound

Country of origin – Malta
Date of origin – Ancient
Weight range – 45 – 55 lb
Height range – 21 – 25 in
Other name – Kelb-tal Fenek
This is indeed an ancient breed. 5000-year-old skeletons of the Pharaoh Hound have been found in the Middle East. Unlike the Greyhound who employs only his site when hunting this dog uses both site and scenting skills. This elegant looking dog loves activity especially playing with children.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts & Sweatshirts are also available.

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