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Whte Sealyham Terrier Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Sealyham Terrier Long Sleeve T-Shirt

$ 29.95

These cool Sealyham Terrier long sleeve t-shirts feature a little history and interesting facts about this wonderful breed.

Below is the write-up that is printed on the shirt

Sealyham Terrier

Country of origin – Great Britain
Date of origin – 1870s
Weight range – 22 – 24 lb
Height range – 10 – 11 in
These splendid dogs were bred to accompany hounds on the hunt for badger, otter and fox. The fearless Sealyham Terrier would follow the small animals into their den and fight to the end. They are famous for their unique sense of humor and loyal devotion to their family.

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